循環器・ウィメンズヘルス・ラジオロジー領域//シニア市場調査担当者 急募求人  /  バイエル薬品株式会社

職種 循環器・ウィメンズヘルス・ラジオロジー領域//シニア市場調査担当者
社名 バイエル薬品株式会社
業務内容 <Position purpose>
Supports business decisions regarding Bayer’s core marketed and pipeline products with clearrecommendations based on secondary data analyses as well as primary market research studies. Theincumbent ensures that always all existing sources are evaluated and combined to derive conclusions andapplies state-of-the-art-market research approaches with regard to the design and statistical analyses ofstudies. The incumbent is also responsible for competitive intelligence within his / her area of responsibilityand has to ensure to provide insights to be utilized for relevant business questions.

<Major tasks and responsibilities>
1. Responsible for the design and conduction of primary researches in the area of her/his responsibility inresponse to specific business decisions to be made by the internal business partners.The responsibilities include:
1) development of the agency briefing document incl. study design,
2) agency selection,
3) selection of methodology and appropriate technique to determine samples,
4) supervising fieldwork,
5) guides as well as performs himself / herself the analysis and interpretation of statistical analyses (if needed)6) derives clear recommendations from the study with regard to the business decision to be made.
2. The implementation of the recommendations into the marketing and decision process has to be tracked bythe incumbent, e.g. review of the Brand Plans. Marketing has to be actively approached in cases ofcontradictions.
3. Anticipates and identifies market research information needs, both collaboratively with internal businesspartners and proactively based on knowledge of market and products. A close collaboration with the group‘Market data management’ has to be ensured.
4. Continuously tracks the market research market to identify new information and data sources and evaluatestheir validity and reliability in comparison to the sources already available. Gives recommendations if thesesources might be valuable for BYL.
5. Provides market, customer and competitive insights to support internal customers with recommendationsbased on desk research and primary market research studies combining the conclusions drawn from severalsources.
6. Serves as a member within cross-functional projects related to Business development, Strategy, Operationalplanning or product launch, requiring in-depth market research support.
7. Supervises, guides and develops her/his coworker
求める経験 【学歴・経験】
Require a bachelor degree in fields such as Economics, Business Administration, Life Sciences or equivalentexperience. Minimum of three years market research, marketing, medical affair or project managementexperience in the pharmaceutical industry are preferable.

The incumbent will need problem-solving and analytical skills, innovative approaches to issues, and soundjudgment. Excellent communication, planning and organizational skills are necessary.The incumbent must have the ability to lead and coordinate projects through interdisciplinary groups and mustbe able to clearly and concisely communicate, both verbally and in writing, both in Japanese and English.The incumbent must have a sound knowledge of Bayer’s marketed and pipeline products, therapeutic markets,contracting guidelines and other relevant healthcare policies. The incumbent must be able to work with a highdegree of independence, plan, organize and implement multiple projects within time, budget and capacityconstraints.
語学力 英語力:中級
年収 850万円 - 1530万円
雇用形態 正社員(期間の定めなし)










  • 人気企業(大手企業・優良企業)や人気業種
  • IPO要員や新規事業立ち上げなど重要度なポジション





薬事領域 非臨床薬事 (薬理:毒性)サイエンティスト/ シニアサイエンティスト

・非臨床薬事担当者として開発プロジェクトに参画し、前臨床(薬理、毒性)の問題点を抽出・解決する ・治験実施に必要な前臨床試験(薬理、毒性)の資料作成及び当局や医療機関からの照会対応を行う ・非臨床試験(薬理、毒性)に関する治験相談対応、承認申請資料の作成及び申請後の当局対応を行う ・承認後医薬品について、非臨床関連事項をサポートする(販促資料レビュー、病院からの照会対応等) ・以上の業務を米国本社と協働して遂行する

Medical Science Liaison, 炎症・免疫または血液癌

<Purpose> Medical Science Liaison (MSL)s are responsible for developing and enhancing professional relationships with medical / patient advocate /etc thought leaders involved in various phases of product development. MSLs provide both non-branded / branded medical information through scientific exchange in a fair-balanced manner to increase awareness of compounds’ characteristics and provide clinical/scientific support <Responsibilities> ・Identify Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), and establish and maintain scientific relationships with KOLs; connecting KOLs in academic and community centers. ・Act as primary liaison to investigators interested in developing and performing investigator initiated trial/research. ・Develop and execute Medical Brand Plan. ・Contribute to the development of Medical strategies. ・Provide clinical presentations and information in response to unsolicited questions (as appropriate) in academic, community, and healthcare provider setting both in group and one-on-one situations. ・Lead brand data building. ・To be recognized for an advanced knowledge of our products and clinical pipeline, research strategy & the competitive landscape. ・Provide medical insight and interpretation of relevant data to internal colleagues. ・Develop and present internal therapeutic area training modules. Provide congress updates and act as a point of medical/scientific expertise internally for ad-hoc as well as structured training requests. ・Collaborate with the Clinical organization to enhance patient enrolment in our clinical trials by identifying appropriate clinical trial sites and interacting with investigators in ongoing studies. ・Provide timely feedback/information on emerging clinical/scientific teams and opportunities to internal stakeholders. ・Drive our specialized company by stakeholders throw medical activities


・データサイエンスを専門とする組織の立ち上げに参加いただけます ・過去にとらわれることなく、最新のスキルを取得することが推奨される職場です ・探索研究からマーケティングまで、企業活動のほぼすべてのデータが解析対象です